Garment Care

Your LCK garment is made from natural fibres, fully fashioned and hand finished. A product which offers breathability, durability and great drape – here are a few tips on how to care for your garment which if you follow we are confident your garment will hold its shape and last for years.


We recommend Dry Cleaning or Hand washing your LCK products. You will find natural fibres such as Alpaca like to be aired and being lanolin free mean that our knitted garments do not require regular cleaning. But when necessary they are easy to clean either send of to the Dry Cleaners or follow our tried and tested instructions below:

Hand Washing

Gently hand wash in lukewarm water and wool wash. Do not rub together or wring out. Rinse in clean hand warm water.

With the Garment bag provided spin dry (spin setting on the washing machine) with care, compressing the garment down – knot the bag if needed.

Complete drying flat away from direct heat. Do not hand up to try. If need carefully reshape while damp.


A useful tip is to add your own hair conditioner when washing your garments to the final rinse. This helps keep the alpaca soft and moreover gives the alpaca a pleasant aroma.

Storing your garment

LCK knitwear should be stored flat and neatly folded rather than hung up which over time causes slight misshaping. Using the Garment bag provided fold neatly into the bag and pull the drawstring shut to help avoid moth damage. Then neatly store in your wardrobe on a shelf or chest of draws.